LINKS TO HLRCC RESEARCH - Skin Lumps (Cutaneous Leiomyoma and Leiomyosarcoma)

The articles referenced in the general section also contain information about cutaneous leiomyoma whereas the following articles are specific.

Atlas of dermatopathology

This web site has some high definition microscope photographs showing the pathology of leiomyomas. To view them you will need to sign in with a created account (free).


Multiple painful nodules in a segmental distribution in a middle-aged woman Manish Bansal, Kajal Manchanda, and Anurag Verma

This link provides a full medical description of piloleiomyomas.

Leiomyoma Kyle L Horner, et al.,Updated 2014

This link leads into many comprehensive pages on leiomyoma description. All aspects of cutaneous piloleiomyoma are described with 2 good photos.


Reed's Syndrome: A Case of Multiple Cutaneous and Uterine Leiomyomas Jason J. Emer, Shayna Solomon, and Stephen E. Mercer, 2011

A good description of leiomyomatosis with large photographs.


A Novel Missense Mutation in Fumarate Hydratase in an Italian Patient with a Diffuse Variant of Cutaneous Leiomyomatosis (Reed’s Syndrome) F. Rongiolettia, V. Faustia, B. Ferrandoc, A. Parodia, P. Mandichb, B. Pasinic ,2010

The full text is now only available through subscription. It has some interesting photographs of cutaneous leiomyomas and also describes an occurrence of a benign angiomyolipoma in a kidney. Published in Dermatology.

Leiomyoma cutis: A clinicopathological series of 37 cases Purnima Malhotra, Harpreet Walia, Avninder Singh, and V Ramesh, 2010

This has a very good description of the physiology of piloleiomyomas and has some good photographs.


Multiple cutaneous leiomyomas: Pain relief with pulsed hysocine butyl bromide Feroze Kaliyadan, Jayasree Manoj,and AD Dharmaratnam 2009

This article concentrates on pain relief for cutaneous leiomyoma. However there is no mention of HLRCC.

Cutaneous leiomyosarcoma originating in a symplastic pilar leiomyoma: a rare occurrence and potential diagnostic pitfall Mark E. Fons, Thomas Bachhuber, Jose A. Plaza, 2009

This is a link to the abstract; the full article is available on subscription. It describes a rare case of a skin lump being part leiomyoma and leiomyosarcoma.

Case for diagnosis: (Unilateral multiple piloleiomyoma) Luciana Maria Leão Parreira, Juliana Muggiati Sípoli, Ana Maria da Cunha Mercante,Raquel Leão Orfali, and Jacob Levites, 2009

This article describes the condition with 2 photographs and compares different treatment options.

Extensive multiple piloleiomyoma in the submental region treated successfully by surgery and reconstruction with a submental perforator flap S Matsushita,T Ishihara,K Takeda,Y Uchida,M Tamai,K Usuki and T Kanekura, 2009

This is a link to the abstract. The full article is available on subscription. This article describes the possibility of removing larger areas of piloleiomyomas with surgery.


Single Base Mutation in the Fumarate Hydratase Gene Leading to Segmental Cutaneous Leiomyomatosis Eva Huter, Noel C. Wortham, Wolfgang Hartschuh, Alexander Enk and Uta Jappe, 2007

Earlier technical description of HLRCC in Germany, it has a good photograph of a segmental distribution of cutaneous leiomyoma.


Gabapentin treatment of multiple piloleiomyoma-related pain Murad Alam MD, Asher D. Rabinowitz MD and Danielle E. Engler MD, 2002

This link is to the abstract, the full article is available on subscription. Good results from oral Gabapentin for pain relief.


Atypical Pilar Leiomyoma: Cutaneous Counterpart of Uterine Symplastic Leiomyoma?Mahalingam, Meera M.D., Ph.D.; Goldberg, Lynne J. M.D., 2001

This is a link to the abstract; the full article is available on subscription. This describes how some cutaneous leiomyomas may look bizarre like uterine ones. (Bizarreness seems to be a common attribute in many HLRCC tumors).

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